What We Do

Employee Training & Development

Employee development is critical for attracting and retaining employees. Knowing the skill gaps of your leaders and employees is important for building a productive and engaged workforce. The assessment of individuals' and organizational knowledge and skill gaps will increase competence and motivation. Once we understand the gaps we can provide services to eliminate them. Our portfolio of training program offerings is extensive. We provide solutions for leadership development, customer service, and effective communication. Offerings may be delivered virtually, blended, or in-person. They can be custom built, or we offer several premier training programs, including, but not limited to Blanchard SLII®, Fierce Conversations, and the FranklinCovey portfolio.

Talent Management & OD

Hiring and onboarding new employees can present a large amount of time and risk. We take a strategic approach to helping you understand what programs and processes you have in place to get the right people into the right roles as quickly as possible. To help minimize the risk we can determine assessments based upon the position to be a part of the recruiting process. And once employees are in their roles we have the tools to develop them and measure their job satisfaction and engagement.

Assimilating a new manager to their team often takes months. Our process of new manager assimilation can reduce the time it takes for teams to build relationships and gain quicker productivity.

The hallmark of a leader is the ability to influence others. We help your employees understand their behavior style and how it is affecting their ability to lead and influence others. Behavioral Assessments, including learning about motivations and EQ are provided to help individuals and teams become more self-aware and reach their full potential.

Assessing the culture and knowing how it meets the needs of your leaders and employees is the first step to understanding how it may be impacting morale and retention. We can do this by using state of the art tools such as Human Synergistics International and other providers.

Behavior Assessments

The hallmark of a leader is the ability to influence others. We help your employees understand their behavior style and how it is affecting their ability to lead and influence others. Assessment tools such as DiSC, Social Styles, and others are useful for helping individuals understand how they are perceived and how their behaviors may be impeding their success. This knowledge may be the impetus needed to change or improve their leadership behavior. Coaching to help them understand and practice new behaviors will increase their self-efficacy. This is a key component of employee and leader development.

Job Competencies and Benchmarking

Knowing specific position competencies and benchmarks for positions is important for many aspects of hiring and performance: leadership development; succession planning; career development; performance management and onboarding. We can help you determine job specific competencies while also providing a framework for your talent and organizational development initiatives. Secure the talent necessary for success while eliminating common biases often associated with the hiring process and development by using our scientific methods.

Culture Assessments

Your organization’s culture influences employee productivity, morale, and turnover. We have assessments that can inform you of your employees’ perceptions.

Remote Management

Leading a remote team presents many challenges for a manager and requires a special set of skills, knowledge, and specific resources. We can help assess how your managers feel about the resources provided to them for leading remote teammates and how this may correlate to their job satisfaction. We can provide training to help managers and their teams communicate more effectively and productively when working at distances.

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